This jewelry set is designed with the concept of a circle. The circle symbolizes perfection and softness. On one hand, the circular design makes women more feminine; on the other hand, the circular shape also brings a beautiful meaning, which means everything would be going smooth.

This set of jewelry is specially designed for women that are working ambitiously. The majestic and sharp design set off the ability of women in workplace. When paired with suit, it reveals women’s ability,yet without losing their femininity;When paired with evening dress after work, you will find it perfectly fit and makes you outstanding.



Heart is an eternal shape,for love never dies. It is innocent,sweet and full of beautiful hope, and it is also a committee of love. The heart in earrings imply endless love and the hollow-heart ring represents a deep miss even depart for just one second.

This world is already extremely complicated and stressful. It is time to return to simplicity. No fancy, no trivial, stay simple is just what I want.